1. whenwomenrefuse:

    This horrible guy weighed down his daughter’s car seat, putting it in a creek and leaving her to die. This was because the baby’s mother dared to…break their engagement. Ugh.

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  2. policymic:

    Haunting new Tumblr shows what happens When Women Refuse

    When Women Refuse serves as a sobering reminder that when men feel entitled to women’s bodies, it is not only demeaning, but dangerous. These men see women primarily as sex objects, as prizes to be won and owned, and therefore also believe that women who do not acquiesce to that worldview deserve to be punished. 

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  3. thesexuneducated:

    TW: sex abuse, pedophilia 



    Watch the video of this 3D rendering young girl

    this is online vigilante justice, and it’s amazing

    This is very interesting for a number of reasons. I am astonished by the continued and exponential development of technology. In this case, how a virtual child has been created in order to track and identify child sex offenders. However, it is also fascinating that the producers of this video are not themselves (seemingly) astonished at the statistics of child sex abuse. What do these statistics reveal? Why is there a demand for this kind of trade? Where and what compels people to commit this kind of act? These are not isolated incidents - it is clearly a pandemic. In every corner of the earth, in ever community, people mismanage the sexuality of children. What are people’s thoughts on this? Can it even been spoken about in such meta terms? 


  4. prochoiceinflorida:

    Anti-abortion groups have started this poll attempting to get people to vote ‘no’ against the Planned Parenthood health center opening in Kissimmee. PLEASE vote YES and help support the new health center!

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  7. seraphica:

    Woodgreen Community Service in Toronto designed this campaign as part of their Homeward Bound Program supporting struggling single mothers. [x] [via]

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  8. lady88:

    It still shocks (and mostly just disappoints) me how SHOCKED people are when I tell them that it is 100% legal to be fired simply for being gay.

    They look at me like I’m lying and say things like "nooooo, that can’t be right?".

    I have been fired twice (in Ohio) for being openly gay.

    I have been asked:

    • to not wear my wedding ring
    • Not acknowledge my wife’s existence
    • To "just say you have a husband"
    • To just not answer “yes” when people ask if I’m married because "you’re not REALLY married"
    • To not bring my wife to the company FAMILY Christmas party
    • Let people just assume we’re sisters
    • Just make it easier on everyone and “just say you’re divorced”

    These were not requests made from some Mom and Pop shop, I was a corporate executive for a large chain of high volume restaurants. My boss was the Director of Human Resources, and she would walk into my office and say the most ignorant things you can imagine.

    People in America need to be educated on the reality that is life as a gay person in  this country.

    It’s not all gay pride parades and appletinis. 

    We need a leg to stand on.

    We need people to wake up and educate themselves on the rights we are denied.

    We need people…gay, straight, and in between, to open their eyes, stop ignoring what doesn’t directly effect them, and educate themselves.

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  9. prochoiceinflorida:

    We cannot wait for our upcoming Abortion Speakout


  10. rhrealitycheck:

    We are trying to save up $3,600 so that Audre’y Eby— who is going to court to make sure her two special needs sons never have to go to their abusive father’s home again— has enough money to pay for her court and attorney fees. Help her today, by donating or sharing the link.